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Training Re-breath Filter Paper on a Roll

Training Re-breath Filter Paper on a Roll

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Re-breath filter paper on a roll of 36 for mouth-to-mouth resusciation
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Re-breath filter paper on a roll provides a cost effective way to provide your students a face mask to use when practicing rescue breathing on a manikin.

Provides a hygienic barrier for use on training manikins can remove the need for manikin wipes. Provides students with the opportunity to practice CPR using a face shield

A transparent plastic film, printed with an illustration of a face on the front to indicate where this should be placed on the patient/manikin. Dispenses from a roll of 36.

This mask is primarily designed for mouth-to-mouth ventilation of a non-breathing adult. In the centre of the plastic film is a filter for protected mouth-to-mouth contact.

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