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Practi-Man -Practi-Baby Infant Dark Skin

Practi-Man -Practi-Baby Infant Dark Skin

£129.00 £154.80 (inc. VAT)
Practi-Baby Infant CPR Manikin Dark Skin
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The Practi-Baby Manikin is now available with dark skin. This manikin provides realistic training of Infant CPR. This is the latest manikin from Practi-Man and gives a full feature manikin for a competitive price. Airway system vents air through back of manikin giving increased infection control.

***Please note as shown in the picture that the back of the manikin is a different colour to the limbs, chest and face. *****

  • Weight and size are realistic for infant CPR
  • Exclusive breathing system including a realistic nose function
  • Head tilt allows correct head placement when opening the airway
  • Head moves side to side and front to back more realistic airway opening
  • Chest clicker can be turned off
  • Stable placement when laying on its back
  • Sits up
  • Can use an OP airway when the valve and lungs removed
  • Life-like chest compression
  • Includes 4 x lungs and 2 x airway valves and manual
  • Exhaled air from manikin is discharged in the back of the head for better infection control
  • Spares available

The perfect addition to the Practi-Man family.

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